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At Wonderfully Well Center for Personalized Medicine, Dr. Anderson combines state-of-the-art medicine with individualized, anti-aging therapies to promote health and healing. Treatments are offered for a wide range of disease states including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, gastrointestinal disorders, and fibromyalgia among others. In addition, Dr. Anderson addresses issues commonly associated with and, often unnecessarily, accepted as performance degradation in mid-life and later. She focuses on alleviating declining function, fatigue, and stress before these conditions progress to chronic disease.

By integrating traditional with functional and regenerative medicine, Dr. Anderson designs a therapeutic program unique to each person by focusing on that person's individual biochemistry. Instead of managing the symptom, the aim is to eliminate the cause of ill-health to achieve healing. Functional and regenerative medicine encompasses science-based healthcare to optimize the body's own mechanisms of self-repair.

At Wonderfully Well, treatments and technologies are used to preserve function and enhance longevity. Aging well requires a plan. We treat people from adolescence through their senior years to increase their energy and renew their vigor and stamina. We assist women to steer clear of the symptoms of menopause and men to improve their sex drive. Health is much more than the absence of disease. Health is based on the level of energy a person experiences daily. This energy allows for regeneration of cells and tissues of the body. We address lack of energy caused by many factors including nutrient and hormone depletion, stress, toxins, and mindset. As a result, we help keep people healthy internally which manifests externally, making them look and feel young.

Dr. Anderson limits her practice size to allow for attention to every concern of every patient every time. Her mission is to work together with each person to aid in their healing and restore optimum health, energy, and well being. At Wonderfully Well, Your Care is Our Care.

Dr. Anderson was recently featured on KTSA radio where she spoke about functional medicine, bioidentical hormones, and what Wonderfully Well Center for Personalized Medicine has to offer. Listen in here.

Our Team

Carol M. Anderson, MD

Carol M. Anderson, MD

"It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has." -Hippocrates (460-377 BC)

I believe with an appropriate plan to approach aging, it is not only possible but probable to live to age 100 and beyond, remaining fully functional. For those with chronic disease, symptoms can be mitigated and even eliminated by addressing and treating the underlying cause of the illness. This involves understanding each individual's unique biochemistry and tailoring therapies according to this uniqueness to cause changes at the cellular level. By effecting these changes which include replacing necessary vital nutrients and avoiding toxins, the cells themselves are able to improve energy production, live longer, and function better. When the cells function better, the entire body functions better.


My interest in understanding the various factors which can lead to health or disease began with my father. His genes carry a trait resulting in elevated cholesterol. Most of his family died before age 50 from either stroke or heart attacks. He was orphaned as a young boy. In the early 1980's, my father came across an article regarding the effect of diet on cholesterol levels. He discussed making these dietary changes with his doctor although the research at that time was considered to be preliminary and the practice of dietary intervention was not mainstream. Being a teenager in high school, I rolled my eyes when he asked us to join him on daily jogs and encouraged us to give up processed foods. Six months later, on a return visit to his physician, his cholesterol had normalized for the first time in his adult life. His physician was impressed and queried, "You did what to lower your cholesterol? You ate fish for six months while living in the desert climate of New Mexico?" My father has since continued to lead a healthy lifestyle, remain active, and outlive all of his family. At age 92, he and my mother live independently, travel, and are able to do all they want to do with no signs of slowing down. As an adult, as the old adage goes, I realize how intelligent my father had become since the time I was a teenager. Far from having to be concerned about which nursing home will care best for him, my concern is he will fall off his roof while he re-shingles it! His example started me on my lifelong commitment to study, understand, and put into practice those habits which will help others to live long and full lives.


As I began to study and use various approaches to healing, I discovered a paradigm. Dispensing chemicals and pharmaceuticals is considered "mainstream" while diet, nutrition, and supplements are considered "alternative". Over many years of treating patients, I found those with hopeful outlooks have better outcomes. The mind-body connection is undeniable. This led me to study beyond the methods taught to me in medical school and residency and engage in fellowship and master's degree training from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and The Metabolic Medical Institute. This additional training crystallized what I had seen over the years and revolutionized my approach to treating people. I believe that while individual organ systems are a convenient way to learn about the body in medical school, this is not the way the body functions. It is vitally important to understand not only individual organs but approach the body as a whole, recognizing there are important, often subtle and overlooked, connections between the organ systems which "talk" to each other.


I believe there is a role, at times for pharmaceuticals, at times for other modalities, and at times a combination of approaches. Knowing which approach to use and use effectively requires training and experience on the part of the physician and a thorough understanding of the person's cellular make-up or constitution. This is the reason I founded Wonderfully Well Center for Personalized Medicine. I provide treatment and offer second opinions to people diagnosed with chronic medical conditions based on years of experience with conventional medicine. In addition, I offer solutions for people without a formal diagnosis but suffering from fatigue, stress, weight issues, accelerated signs of aging, and other symptoms which indicate lack of energy within the cells. I provide an approach to healing based on what type and degree of cellular dysfunction is negatively impacting each person uniquely. This is the personalized approach I use to guide people on the path to wellness. This approach has helped thousands of patients. The body has an amazing capability to heal itself when the toxins making the body ill are removed and the effected organs are supplied the correct nutrients.


I am a double-boarded physician in the fields of Internal Medicine and Nuclear Medicine. I completed Internal Medicine residency training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and Nuclear Medicine residency training at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. I was the Chief of Nuclear Medicine for the Southwest Division of Kaiser Permanente prior to accepting positions at UT Southwestern in Dallas. I have practiced both internal medicine and nuclear medicine for over 26 years. My complete CV can be found here.


To receive a complimentary consultation either in person or by phone, sign up by entering your contact information including your e-mail in the Contact Us Section. I will contact you to discuss your condition, evaluate previous medical records including lab work, and send you an initial questionnaire to aid in assessment. Then, I will partner with you and guide you in formulating your personal treatment options. I am confident you will see a positive outcome with NOTICEABLE AND SIGNIFICANT improvement in your health by working with me.

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Nancy Breton, RN

Nancy Breton, RN

Nancy Breton, RNC, BSN, MS graduated from Atlantic Christian College (now Barton College) in North Carolina with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. For twenty years she served as a nurse in the U.S. Air Force during which time she obtained a Master's Degree in Nursing Administration combined with an MBA at Wright State University. Her final assignment in the military brought her to Texas where she has remained. Following her retirement from the Air Force she divided her time between raising her three children and working part-time for Petra Home Health. She is excited to be part of the team at Wonderfully Well. She believes in treating patients with an integrative approach to achieve optimal health and wellness.

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